Monday, 21 November 2011


This is one of the tickets I bought for The Ladykillers stage play, written of course by Grahan Linehan. This one was for the matinee performance (I went to the evening show the day before). I simply had to experience it twice! The ticket for Wednesday I evening I had signed for my Twitter friend Ashley, who is a massive Peter Capaldi fan!

A Poster/Lobbycard

This is a big ol' poster for The Ladykillers film that I snatched up from eBay. Once again, I have no idea who was selling it, or even if it is an original. Probably not, but I still wanted it. Shaddap.

The first image is a photo I took of my copy... The second is of it in clearer detail. I don't know why I have included it in this post, I just have... Shaddap.

Tommy Cooper?

"No one touches Mrs Lopsided...!" (Noooooooooo!)

Found out not too long ago from a little article in a newspaper or something (could have been a scrap of paper I saw on the floor at a bus station), that Tommy Cooper was considered for the role as One-Round. Personally I couldn't imagine anything worse. Tommy Cooper was great and everything, but not as the dim-witted boxer - he might have done well in a guest role, though, similar to Frankie Howerd's part as the barrow boy.

Danny Green was just so brilliant, I couldn't imagine anyone else as One-Round. Just my opinion!

Just A Lady With A Killer Collection....

...Haha, did you see what I did, there? No? Ok. Let's get on, anyway. This is the first item I would like to show to you - I bought it off eBay about 3 years ago, can't remember who was selling it now or why.

It is basically a canvas print screen shot of the extraordinary Professor Marcus. Such a unique thing I had to buy it... Wasn't too costly, but you could buy it in different sizes; I got the smaller one, was thinking ahead of where I was going to put it! The photograph here really doesn't do it justice as it's actually quite detailed. Looks very elegant hanging stupidly on my stupid wall.